Rubber Cushion Tail And Drop Sides

Cargo Rubber Cushion for Drop Sides And Tail Panel Fits DFM / DFSK Single And Double Cab Drop Side Pickup Models With 1000cc/1200cc/ 1300cc Engines.
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Products specifications
Fits Model DFM Single Cab Pickup
Fits Model DFM Double Cab Pickup (Dropside)
Fits Model DFSK Loadhopper Single Cab Pickup (pre 2015)
Fits Model DFSK Loadhopper Double Cab Pickup (Dropside)
Fits Engine Size 1300cc
Fits Engine Size 1000cc
Fits Model DFSK Big Cabin K01H Dropside Pickup And Tipper 1200cc (2019 onwards)
Fits Model DFSK Loadhopper Big Cab Pickup 1300cc (2014 onwards)
Fits Model DFSK Big Cabin Pickup 4x4 1300cc (2014 onwards)
Fits Engine Size 1200cc