Fuel Filler Hose 90 Bend 200mm Long

Rubber Fuel Filler Hose 200mm Long With 90 Degree Bend. Fits DFM/DFSK Single Cabin Pickup Loadhopper Models With 1000cc And 1300cc Engines THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT FIT BIG CABIN PICKUP.
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SKU: 1001480F
£38.00 ex. VAT
Products specifications
Fits Engine Size 1300cc
Fits Engine Size 1000cc
Fits Model DFM Single Cab Pickup
Fits Model DFM Tipper
Fits Model DFSK Loadhopper Single Cab Pickup (pre 2015)
Fits Model DFSK Loadhopper Tipper
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Anti Roll Bar Outer Stabilizer Link Arm

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Exhaust Silencer/Tail Pipe Assembly.

Exhaust Silencer/Tailpipe Assy. Shown As Number 2 In Diagram. Oval Silencer Box. Fits DFM / DFSK Loadhopper Pickup Models With 1300cc Engine. For Sealing Ring Order 1001404EX. WE HAVE A NUMBER OF THESE EXHAUSTS WITH TRANSPORTATION MARKS/DENTS AT DISCOUNT COST OF £120.00 -- TELEPHONE ORDERING ONLY.
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